Cabernet Carol

an Unique, extremely Complex Hybrid Wine

Cabernet Carol is a hybrid wine grape from Germany developed in 1982. This wonderful red wine sorte (also FR 437-82 r) is a complex new breeding between Cabernet Sauvignon x (Merzling x (Saperavi Severnyi x Muskat Ottonel)).

The hybrid crossing took place in the year 1982 at National Wine Institute Freiburg, Germany and has been proven to be very resistant to disease. The wine sort was presented in March 2003 to the local vinzers / wine growers and is tested at present in the cultivation. Cabernet Carol like its cousin Cabernet Cortis produces a spicy, color intensive, very exctional, unique character which strongly resembles the widely known red Cabernet Sauvignon.

The sort Cabernet Cortis comes of to the same crossing combination as Cabernet Carol, which both have high tolerance to fungal and other diseases, vastly diminishing the need for using insecticides, herbicides and fungicides. Biological wine growers have fallen in love with this new grape variety.


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